Our Girls

Here are our beautiful girls.

This is our beautiful Ember. She is a gorgeous standard Labradoodle with a loving and gentle temperament. Ember loves to please her family, and is extremely attentive to training signals. She loves to cuddle and be pet, but also loves her ball! Ember is a great family dog with a calm and friendly temperament.

This is our beautiful girl, Nellie. Nellie is a mini Australian Labradoodle with a lovely, soft coat. She is very smart and easily trained. Nellie is great with children, and loves car trips and camping.

This is sweet Sophie. Sophie lives with her guardian family in Grants Pass, Oregon. She is a trained therapy dog, and accompanies her family wherever they go. Sophis is wonderful with children - her family includes two children under five and another on the way! Sophie is intelligent and easily trained. She is very responsive to people, and has a calm steady temperament. Sophie also loves to play, and much enjoys the many fun games she plays with her children. Sophie is a standard Labradoodle.