Our Girls

Here are our beautiful girls.

Honey is a gorgeous medium Australian Labradoodle. She has a plush, silky coat and rich color with a splash of white. Honey is calm and steady, and is intuitive in her seeming ability to sense and respond to emotions. Honey lives in a rural environment with her guardian, and she "patrols" her acreage regularly but never strays.

Ellie is a sweet 25 pound love muffin wo loves to chase squirrels, go on long hikes, and snuggle. She thinks she's a lap dog. She is wonderful with children, and is an incredibly tolerant and willing playmate for them. Her favorite snack is carrot, and her favorite place to sleep is anywhere in the sun.

Ruby is a fun-loving gal who is a favorite of all the kids in the neighborhood. Her guardian family includes a young boy, and he and Ruby are the best of friends. Ruby is sweet and obedient, and also loves to play.

Bellatrix is a mini Australian Labradoodle with a super-soft coat. Her guardian family has a home daycare, and Bella is a favorite with all of the children. She is sensitive and devoted to her family.

Zoola is a great family pet to her guardian family with five children. Zoola is terrific with all the kids, but has a special relationship with one son, for whom she is a service dog. Zoola is a perfect service dog, and her excellent behavior in all environments makes her welcome everywhere her human goes.

Up and coming - mini chocolate Australian Labradoodle. We expect her first litter in 2020.

Up and coming - mini red Australian Labradoodle. We expect her first litter in 2020.