Guardian Homes

Here at Blossom Ranch Labradoodles, we use a Labradoodle guardian home program to ensure that our breeding dogs enjoy life as a beloved family pet, rather than living in a kennel environment strictly as a breeding dog. We feel this is the best for the dogs, and also it is the best way for each dog to develop to his or her full potential. We can more accurately assess each dog’s wonderful traits when the dogs are able to blossom in a loving family home. 

Our Australian Labradoodle guardian program is a great way to bring a top-quality, pick of the litter Australian Labradoodle into your home at no cost! We do require $500 initially, but that $500 will be returned when all terms of the guardian contract are complete. Once all obligations under the contract have been met, legal ownership of the dog will be conveyed to the guardian and the dog will be retired from breeding with no further obligations. Female dogs have just 3 litters for our program before retiring. Male dogs participate in our breeding program longer but are generally away from home for short periods of time. 

We provide transportation for our dogs in the guardian home program. No driving required for families living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, or most areas of Northern California. For families outside these areas, the guardian program may be possible if the family is willing to help with transportation. 

Please email if you would like more information regarding our guardian program.  We do currently have puppies available for the guardian program. 


Caramel male Australian Labradoodle          Chocolate female Australian Labradoodle