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Potty Training Tips

You will want to start potty training just as soon as you bring your new puppy home. There are several great articles online to guide you in helping your puppy to become potty trained quickly. I recommend using Ian Dunbar's potty training method. A google search of "Ian Dunbar puppy potty training" will yield articles and videos to help you understand the process.






Puppy Socialization

Socialization is extremely important for your new puppy. Puppy should meet many different people and dogs in the first few months in your home. Of course, young puppies are not fully vaccinated, so be careful to socialize puppy safely. Avoid dog parks, public parks, rest areas, and any other areas where puppy may be exposed to dangerous viruses. The best way to socialize puppy is to invite many friends and family members to come to your home to meet puppy. Puppy should meet dogs who are known to be in good health and fully vaccinated. You can also bring puppy to visit your friends and family in their homes.  Puppy classes are another great option for safe socialization. Just be sure the class requires proof of current shots for enrolled puppies.

Once puppy has completed the shot schedule, bring puppy out to as many places as possible. Try to introduce puppy to many different people, dogs, cats, and  other animals as possible. The beach, festivals, soccer games and other places are all great experiences for your young puppy .Try to have puppy see people on biikes and skateboards, people with hats and beards, people jumping, running, laughing. Varied experiences as a puppy help puppy to go anywhere comfortably as an adult.