Key Info

We are dedicated to breeding and raising the highest quality Australian Labradoodles, and we spare no expense to do so. All of our breeding dogs are carefully screened and selected to improve the breed, and also undergo rigorous health and temperament testing to ensure we are breeding the best possible Labradoodle puppies.


Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are raised using Early Neurological Stimulation and strategically planned early exposure to various people, animals, surfaces, noises, and general household and outdoor activities to give them the best start.


We start potty training, crate training, and “training to be trained.” This means we use our carefully developed protocol to help our puppies understand what training is, so when they go to their new homes, they already have a head start in leaning quickly and being responsive to their family. 


We have over 30 years’ experience raising and training dogs, and over 20 years’ experience raising Labradoodles. We ensure your new puppy has the best start in life and also help you to continue your puppy’s socialization and training, especially in those crucial first few months. 



You will receive:

A gorgeous, healthy Australian Labradoodle puppy

Age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming

2-year genetic health warranty

Blanket with scent of mom and litter mates

A favorite toy

Bag of food puppy has been eating

New Puppy information including feeding, grooming and potty training tips

Lifetime of support for you and your puppy



As a long time dog trainer, I can provide valuable behavioral insight and training tips throughout all stages of your puppy’s life. I very much enjoy keeping in touch with families, and love to share training tips!