Sadie has been a part of our family since May of 2012. We could not have asked for a better, sweeter, more intelligent dog. She is truly a member of our family; she is so loyal, accomodating, playful and has the most gentle soul. She does everything with us... .goes to the kids' baseball and football games, goes for runs with me, loves car trips for errands, will run after every ball and bring it right back to your hands, always loves to be pet and kissed. She puts up with 6 kids and a very busy house and brings so much joy to our family. We are told nearly every day by someone, "If I could have a dog like Sadie, I would get one for sure." Honestly, she is kind of the talk of our town! We have brought Sadie to "show and tell" where 32 kindergartners surrounded her and she loved it. Sadie loves to the our "outfielder" for our baseball practices and she never gets tired of getting those balls. She sits on our fireplace calmly and just waits patiently for one of the kids to come and lay with her. Sadie is such a joy and we are so grateful she is a huge part of our family. Wouldn't trade her for the world! Rita

Here are more pictures of Rogan Redbear. He was served water in a champagne bucket at Portabella Restaurant in Carmel on Mike's b-day in August. He also played with kelp on the beach. Rogan's groomer has a cat named Boo who joins Rogan at each grooming session. Rogan is living up to his name which is Irish for "redhead." He keeps getting redder! he is such fun. He just graduated from Beginner Puppy School and will begin Intermediate School in January. Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Holidays. Trish, Mike and Rogan Redbear

I just wanted to share this sweet photo with you. I took Daisy in for shots and she weighed 30 pounds. I took her back a few weeks later for her rabies shot and she weighed 32 pounds (and it was the day after she'd gotten a haircut!) so she ranges from 30-32. It's so great that our friends Alyssa and Brett are getting a puppy from you! Do you know if she is related to Daisy! Happy Holidays to you and your family! Darra

Here's a few pics of Stanley...one before I started giving him haircuts, and the rest after I made him look like a lion. He is the love of our lives. Enjoy! Lisa

Chewey is beautiful. He has a great soft coat, is very calm, we get compliments on him all the time. Thanks! Liam

We wanted to talk with you about getting another dog. I have misplaced your number. I have attached some pics of Bruno for you.

I thought you might like to see a few photos of our puppy. We decided to name him Archie after Archie Manning, former quarterback of the Saints and father of Peyton and Eli. Mark is from New Orleans and LOVES The Saints. Archie is so friendly and so sweet. He has had many people drop by to meet him. He runs right up to everybody with his tail wagging and charms them with that adorable face. His first night away from his littermates was a little rough, but last night was better. We expect tonight to be better again. It was great to finally meet you on Sunday. Carrie

I hope this finds you well. It's been ages since I sent you any pictures or updates on Maggie, but she is truly a wonderful dog! People stop us wherever we go to ask about her. She is definitely our own lovable version of Clifford The Big Red Dog! : ) She is sweet and silly and the perfect addition to our family. All the best, Gwen

Happy Holidays! Just wanted to send you a picture of the dogs up in the snow. They are both such fantastic pets. Brinkley is the parti boy and Hunter is the apricot. Gayle

My family purchased a sweet male labradoodle puppy from you at the beginning of June. I lost your email address so I'm contacting you through this website. We love our puppy! He is wonderful. Right now we are in the Sirius Puppy 1 class. He is doing well, but very distracted by the other puppies. Thanks for making it possible to add him to our family.

Hope you are well. We've been enjoying Maggie Mae tremendously. She is just a loveable joy in our life. We just love this dog! She has brought such joy into our lives! She just loves to be with us! Thanks again for this wonderful addition to our family! Bill, Karen and Maggie Mae

Brody is a very handsome big boy. He is just the best dog! He is so loving and fun to be around. We are all so happy he is in our family. I love to tell people about our wonderful labradoodle! Take care, Dawn

A friend of mine is looking for a labradoodle puppy and I told her about you. Do you have any pups avail? Ginger is wonderful. She is such a good dog and has a great temperament. She is super social and loving. She has become a special part of our family. Thanks, Erin

I hope this finds you doing well. I thought you would like to know that Maggie's trainer dubbed her "so bloody smart" in class on Saturday! We have been taking her to puppy "socials" and puppy kindergarten. She continues to be a brilliant dog. This, of course, has its downside when she gets bored, but it takes very little for her to understand and assimilate her training. We will go on the 17th for her final puppy shots before the quarantine is lifted and then we will be taking her to the many wonderful dog parks around here and to the lake. We are eager to see what our fabulous water dog does when she is allowed to go in a lake! More pictures to come soon! Gwen