Our Approach

Our Approach

We approach our Australian Labradoodle breeder program from a foundation of deep knowledge about and love of dogs and puppies. Our family  has been raising fine dogs for three generations, and even great-grandma had a hobby litter or two of springer spaniels long before I was born. I can’t even remember the first litter we had during my childhood – there were always puppies now and then, and they were always the joy of my life. Our family dogs were always in our home, and they were always beloved members of our family. Here at Blossom Ranch, we continue to raise healthy, happy dogs to be beloved family companions. Many of our puppies also grow to be service dogs and therapy dogs. Lifelong experience with dogs and puppies enables us to develop Australian Labradoodle lines producing wonderful companions with exceptional temperaments, superior intelligence, and innate trainability.

Along with a broad base of knowledge regarding all aspects of raising Labradoodle puppies, I have also been training dogs since early elementary school. I am  very good at training dogs and puppies, and at problem solving when behaviors are not ideal. I personally discuss, with every Blossom Ranch adopter,  all the training tips necessary to get your new Labradoodle puppy off to a great start. I have simple and effective tips for house-training, crate training, gently eliminating jumping, and every other common puppy challenge. If you’d like to discuss advanced training techniques, I would love that, too! I offer advice and support for all life stages of your Blossom Ranch pup – please call with any questions.



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Breeding Program

We began our Labradoodle breeder program in Northern California in 2001, and have offered Labradoodle puppies for sale in California ever since. We have diligently worked to develop and improve this amazing breed. We use a guardian family based breeding program, so that our dogs are beloved family pets rather than living their lives in a kennel environment. As an Australian Labradoodle breeder, we feel a deep responsibility to do our part to protect this breed from the health and temperament problems that so often arise when a breed becomes popular. We are dedicated to breeding only the finest dogs, and only the best dogs we raise or can find are included in our breeding program. We are very proud of the Labradoodles we raise.



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