Our Boys

Here are some photos of our boys.

This is our beautiful boy, Hales Raising the Stakes, AKA Dash. All of his puppies have been very sweet with lovely coats. Dash is aptly named, as he is a dashing little fellow who makes friends everywhere he goes. Dash is a happy, confident boy and he just loves to make new friends. He is very attentive and eager to please, and especially loves car rides. Dash has a gorgeous silky red fleece coat - once people start petting him, they don't want to stop!

Baxter is an outgoing and confident fellow who loves to make friends. He is the first to greet guests at the door, and he loves to meet and play with new dog friends as well. Baxter is very intelligent, and enjoys training sessions. He loves walks and car rides, but seems to think fetch is silly. He is a sweet boy and is devoted to his family.

Renly is a rich chocolate Australian Labradoodle with a winning personality. He is fun-loving and sweet, and adores doing anything his people are doing. Renly is great with other dogs and small animals, but prefers time with his family to any other activity. He is wonderful with children of all ages, and is very well-mannered and obedient.

This cuddly fellow is one big bundle of love! He is an affectionate boy, and his silky soft coat make you want to just keep petting. This friendly guy loves visitors. He is a great family companion and his family just adores him.

Mini Oliver is a big bundle of personality in a small package. He is an extremely intelligent little guy, and has somehow figured out how to be top dog in a home with two standard Labradoodles. Ollie is a happy and curious boy, and he loves exploring the neighborhood on walks and car rides. He is a wonderful companion and family pet.